Throughout Crenshaw’s Article “Mapping the margins: intersectionality, identity politics, and violence against women of color,” Chrehnsahw perfectly balances the idea that people are stronger together with her definition of intersectionality. Chrenshasw’s definition of intersectionality can be best understood by first understanding what it is not. Intersectionality is not solely an identity, a collective societal issue, or a concept that is limited to only minorities. These are all misconceptions that people who are unfamiliar with intersectionality have. Intersectionality has three parts. Each describes an important way that intersectionality affects an individual’s life. …

Why We See Shades of Justice

Protest and Counter-protest meet in Rogersville (Jul 2020)

The United States has historically struggled to define and award justice to all its citizens. Justice remains a hot topic today. Protests and counter-protests are erupting around the country in its name, each screaming their own understanding of justice. Today more than ever, the average citizen, if he or she participates in politics, finds themselves asking, “How can we secure justice amidst all this chaos?” The next question that citizens finds themselves asking is, “Why is everyone else’s interpretation of justice different from mine?” Does justice require people to wear masks to minimize Covid-19…

Patrick Moran

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